Sweet Sweet Childhood

I haven’t photograph families that often, but when I got the opportunity to capture this little guy I didn’t think twice.

The session itself was natural in every sense and it kinda changed me a little bit, it reminded me of the love of my mom and made me sad the fact that I can’t hug her or giver her a kiss like I would do every night before I went to bed, ( She is 4.875 miles away back in my homeland Chile) Also, I have pretty mountains and lakes around here but they are too cold for photographs right now, so that made me think the fact that I don’t need an expensive studio with expensive lighting to do this session, I just needed one cozy house and a single window.This way capturing their life in their are portrayed effortless in a much more honest way, showing the daily lives in this house. And at the end, when years past by, he will know how things really were when he was only a year old.

If your mom is far away call her, tell her you love her, if she is next to you give her a little love every night, they are the best.