There are things I love and double exposures

The idea of pushing yourself to be creative without all the technology behind photoshop for instance, making everything easier to do where with a few clicks you can blend two images in one and boom! you got your double exposure… Meh, I don’t know how I feel about that.

When my photography teacher Fernando showed me the art of the double exposures I was like, wait.. how in the world you blended two images in your camera? can actually do that with a Canon 6D, and that’s what I got after I found out about this awesome asset.

I love multiple exposures, I love the fact that you can play around with it in so many ways, abstract images, aesthetic photos combining the body of a human with a flower for example. If you have this on your camera use it, if you want to do something different, something that doesn’t apply with the standards of photography go ahead, there are no boundaries for that, just keep it mind on having a white or very bright background using the profile of your model or whatever you are shooting, then..all you have to do is being creative with the second image to blend it with the first one, no necessity of a flash or something external.

Here you can see some of work using manual double exposures, enjoy!